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Bringing Confidence Back

Bringing Confidence Back

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We deliver peace of mind

In facilities where people work, live and play, illness-causing germs can quickly spread on surfaces. Manual cleaning methods and traditional disinfecting tools aren’t designed to effectively reach all areas, leaving facilities and guests at risk of illness.

By partnering with the worlds largest disinfectant company, Clorox, we deliver the highest level healthcare cleaning standard in the industry; we deliver the science of cleaning! HBC delivers measurable disinfecting services to the hospitality industry which allows you peace of mind and guest satisfaction. We earn your business and loyalty through our service!

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Our BIO360+ system is designed to disinfect and sanitize the "entire environment" in your hotel room. All vertical and horizontal surfaces are electrostatically disinfected, airborne pathogen‘s are eliminated by UVGI, and the air is scrubbed with a HEPA and UVC cleansing unit; leaving the room in healthcare grade condition. A BIO360+ certificate gives your guest the confidence to return!


Illness causing germs spread quickly on workout equipment. HBC disinfecting and sanitizing processes give you and your members the peace of mind knowing the building and equipment are clean and safe.


HBC’s BIO360+ system kills germs resting on any high touch surface. Your customers will feel confident and rest with peace of mind knowing the establishment is taking every precaution to deliver a clean and safe environment. A BIO360+ certificate on the front door gives you an edge over your competition.

Doctor Offices

Cleaning and disinfection of healthcare surfaces and equipment is essential for reducing the risk of infections. HBC Bio 360+ System provides an efficient, cost-effective solution to overcome this challenge and enhance environmental hygiene in a wide range of healthcare settings.