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What Is Your Clean Score?

90% of businesses that look clean are found to contain high levels of microbial contamination.

ON-SITE TESTING: Data-driven, real-time scoring system

We conduct complimentary onsite ATP testing with real-time results at your facility, swabbing a series of high-touch, high-traffic, or high-concern surfaces to verify the efficacy of your cleaning staff, protocols, products and equipment in killing viruses and bacteria at your place of business.

CUSTOM REPORT: Personalized report with key insights for your business

Based on your real-time test results, we provide you with a customized report that includes your Clean score and highlights key areas of concern in keeping your facility free of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Did you know? 90% of businesses that look clean by a visual assessment are found to contain high levels of microbial contamination. 

PLAN: Action items revealing how-to keep your business safer and cleaner

We share expert recommendations, proven protocols, highlight areas of focus, specific action items and next steps to improve your Clean score. You also get tips on how-to make tax-deductions and secure reimbursements on your investments in deep cleaning and disinfection for the safety of your staff and patrons. 

CERTIFIED PARTNERS: Trusted vendors to level up your score to “Excellent”

We’ll connect you directly with Clean score-certified vendors who can improve your Clean score, including suppliers of NEW EPA-approved, non-toxic deep disinfection supplies, state-of-the-art equipment like electrostatic sprayers, and expert staff or training to get the job done right for your peace-of-min

PROOF: Signage to prove your official Clean Score rating

We give you stickers and signage to proudly display your official Clean Score rating for the world to see online and offline. Your staff and patrons will know your business cares about prevention to help control cross-contamination and support a safer world. 

Instant Data-based Results. Evidence-based Guidance. Measured Improvements.

Official Bio Clean Score

An official Bio Clean Score removes the guesswork by applying data-driven methods to measure the success of your staff, protocols, products, and equipment in safeguarding your people and patrons.

Certified Partners

Through Clean Score-certified vendors, we offer access to full-service solutions that include: expertly trained cleaning companies, EPA-approved cleaning products, and the most scientifically advanced application process and equipment.

Caring for Our America

Clean Score, a Gravywork company, has proudly served the Washington D.C. Metro hospitality industry in excellence for 15 years. Now, we have developed a data-based scoring system to help serve and protect local business and their patrons. 

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