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Help America Return to “Normal” Safely!

We fight Covid-19 and other Infectious Microbial Contaminants with 99.9995% efficacy using our proven Bio360+™ Disinfection System. Hospitality Bio Cleaners (HBC) is The Gold Standard in Residential and Commercial Disinfection Services. The need for our system is greater than ever and we want to help disinfect homes and businesses across the United States restoring confidence in the consumer. We are the only disinfecting company in the United States that has undergone 3rd party testing in a Microbiology laboratory to ensure our Bio360+™ system is not only effective, but Superior to all others currently on the market! And we have the white papers to prove it!

As a licensee, you can target restaurants, gyms, residential homes, etc. The list of potential clients is endless.  HBC’s Bio360+™ is a great add-on to an existing business, or as a standalone business to generate quick revenue with limited cost and unlimited upside potential.

Restoring Confidence and Instilling Trust

Hit hard by Covid-19, our country and our world is facing a challenging time unlike anyone has seen before.

Americans are wondering when, if ever, our society will return to normal. Returning to normal means changing the way we look at the word “clean”. Our Bio360+™ Disinfection System in the new Gold Standard in disinfection.

The Bio360+™ Disinfection System is Created Through Science Developed Through Science and Proven Through Science by the Microbiology Department at a Leading US University, Resulting in 99.9995% Efficacy Towards Infectious Microbial Contamination Eradication.

HBC Offers An Easy Licensing Option

“Business in a Box” which includes all necessary parts to quickly launch; no office is needed which keeps costs low and profits higher. The business platform includes equipment, trademark name, intellectual property, disinfecting certifications, website, product lab results, digital marketing suite, trailer wrap design and additional future products offered that your competition can’t acquire.

Training and Support

  • Exclusive Territories
  • Training at HBC Univ.
  • On-Going Business and Technical Support
  • Pre negotiated, discounted pricing on equipment and supplies
  • Continued R&D on your behalf
  • Development of future products for your use (Environmentally friendly, private label disinfectants and anti-microbial films) and much more.

Americans have demanded new standards of “clean” and we at HBC have gained certifications through APIC, and guidance from GBAC and the WHO to truly understand how to handle the “new normal”. We used what we learned to develop a science based, proven disinfection system to fight infectious diseases just like Coronavirus, while restoring confidence and increasing consumer trust through “Proof, not Promises!”  That’s where you come in, you can help homes and businesses return to “normal” with a clean environment.

Our system uses Mechanical Environmental Disinfection using the following 5 step system:

  1. Testing for Microorganisms
  2. Treating with UV-C Germicidal Eradication
  3. Treating with Scientific Air Management
  4. Treating with Electrostatic Disinfection Disbursement
  5. Educating Best Practices through our Infection Prevention Manager

HBC maintains exclusive partnerships which allow you to purchase supplies and equipment far below retail to keep you competitive with any local cleaning or disinfecting competitors.

We understand how important it is to find just the right business – no matter how daunting it may be. That’s why we’re here – to walk beside you throughout the process and back you with our years of experience.
If you are ready to help disinfect America and get people back to “normal” fill out the Licensee opportunity form.