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We fight Covid-19 and other infectious microbial Contaminants with 99.9995% efficacy using our proven Bio360+™  disinfection system. HBC has quickly become The Gold Standard in residential and commercial disinfection services. The need for our system is greater than ever and we want to help disinfect homes and businesses across the United States, restoring confidence in the consumer.

We are the only disinfecting company in the United States that has undergone 3rd party testing in an independent Microbiology laboratory to ensure our Bio360+™ system is not only effective, but Superior to all others currently on the market! And we have the white papers to prove it!

HBC has developed a science-based, laboratory proven, disinfection system to fight infectious diseases, the Bio360+™. We help fight Covid-19, the flu and many other viruses and diseases using state-of-the-art, healthcare grade, disinfection processes and standards. The Bio360+™ disinfection system was created through science, developed through science and proven through science by the Department of Microbiology at Arizona State University, resulting in 99.9995% efficacy towards Infectious microbial contamination eradication.

Americans are wondering when, if ever, our society will return to normal. Returning to normal means changing the way we look at the word “clean”. Our Bio360+™ disinfection system is the new Gold Standard in disinfection.

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