PureAir HVAC- Air Purification System

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Using existing ductwork, we can custom engineer purification solutions for spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Our products are low maintenance, consume minimal energy, and are cost-effective relative to other available purification technologies.



Features & Specifications
• Active Air Purification.
• Distributes Purification Evenly Throughout the Environment Using Ducts.
• Keeps Duct Systems Fresh.
• 24/7 Reduction of Odors and Particulates in the Air.
• LED Function Lights Confirm Operation.

• Active Radiant Catalysis, or ARC®, Our Proprietary Form of Photocatalytic Oxidation.

• Homes       • Offices       • Schools
• Day Care Facilities       • Nursing Homes       • Hospitals
• Veterinary Clinics        • Distribution Centers









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